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The Royal Wedding



Anyone who got the joke in the title is deffinately too British.

Judging by the hype and gargantuan marketing campaign dedicated to proliferating the Game of Thrones TV show everyone and their extended family has seen the first two episodes.
Unfortunately a large portion of these viewers include people who have already read the Song of Ice and Fire books and to them it, including me, it seems that some of the more important scenes have been veritably bifurcated, the important halves left in the books and the sensational halves filmed for all to see.
The above scene is the one where this is most evident. In the book this is a scene where the nubile heroin discoverers that the brutish barbarian lord she was forced to marry is a tender and romantic soul. In the show he takes her doggy style.

I cringed a little and the mistranslation of the scene from book to screen but I doubt this is a directorial oversight or intentional rewriting of the story. I still love the show and the whole two episodes I’ve seen of it and have the utmost faith that Beniof and Weiss will deliver on a faithful adaptation of the books. It just confuses me why such a simple scene, one requiring a total minute or so of extra character development, was filmed completely contrary to the books. I guess we’ll find out when the director’s commentary on the future dvds shows up.

Ps. I apologise for the poor image quality. It was perfect when I finished editing it but for some reason it blured out when I uploaded onto tumblr, Im not sure how to avoid that.

Boromir Stark



This one basically explains itself.
So let me explain it some! This is a mash up of a Game of Thrones LCG card and a Lord of the Rings LCG card of Sean Bean. With the Game of Thrones TV show in full swing, its 3rd episode coming this Sunday (or Monday if you’re not American and Lame with your early dates), and Sean Bean has added another epic fantasy character to his already impressive acting repertoire.
(If you’re thinking “wow, typecast much?” you clearly haven’t seen Sharpe)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that out of the many talented actors out there Sean Bean basically has the role nailed down to a peg, he even has that smile that says “I’m warm and tender on the inside, but really I’m a brooding warrior soul” His performance so far has been nothing short of brilliant and honestly I can think of legions of Beanie-Babies (this is now the new term for Fans of Sean Bean…) are positively salivating at the prospect of seeing him play Eddard Stark for many seasons to come…

Now we just have to wait for him to star in a H.P. Lovecraftadaptation and possibly a Warhammer Fantasy one and well have the full LCG set.

And remember:
"One does not simply swing the sword"
"If by my life or death I can protect you, the pack survives"
"Winter is a Cave Troll"
"Isildur’s Bane is comming"
"In the name of king Robert Baratheon, Gondor will see it done"


Ps. There is a post related to the LOTR Lcg itself in the Main Blog, please read! =)

Farce of the Week: The Kraken’s Mills


Hello and Welcome Back, loyal A Game of Thrones Fans!

This week we continue our previews of the upcoming Secrets of Oldtown cycle of expansions through the first Chapter Pack in the cycle, Gates of the Citadel. Last time we were with the Queen Across the Sea where Dany Targaryen has received a considerable revamp to be actually useful, a theme the Targaryens have been following steadily. This week however were going to take a special look at the Krakens of the North themselves and the renovations they have been making in preparation for war.

The Wind in our Sails

Experienced players will notice right from the start that this card is like no other made by FFG so far. The House Greyjoy focus so far has been on absolutely nothing, instead specialising in a lack of specialty where half baked synergies like the Raiders and Warships have to exist side by side and traits like Ironborn are unique and interesting yet almost completely undeveloped. This card will hopefully make all of those problems (and cards) meaningless and finally make the House shine where they were meant to all along.

That’s right! The ever popular Milling strategy is more viable than ever. Now you can utilise the full power of the Greyjoy deck-discard, allowing you to win games with as little actual Game involved as possible. Simply plonk down 3 of these with a Bloodthirsty Crew in play and start discarding! Look on with sadistic glee as your opponents try to earnestly play the game while you mercilessly obliterate their cards before they can even hit the board. Gooooo Krakens!! 

Join us next week as we take a look at the new Greyjoy trait ShipGuy, a trait which doesn’t syenrgise with anything and only works with the other one or two cards of the same type.


In all seriousness though I Love House Greyjoy with a passion. GJ are my favourite Great House in the Song of Ice and Fire series and I think for all of my and other people’s complaints the Thrones LCG has done it real justice.Milling however is always funny, to watch and to do, unless it happens to you.

The recent focus of GJ cards on milling has been almost perplexing since the mechanic is so controversial. The constant problem with milling is that if it works well, people hate it and if works badly then you just have a lot of cards which, well…work badly. Of course, on top of that problem it means that attention isn’t being given to the rest of the traits/themes of the house while this milling thing is running its course so the Greyjoys are left feeling a little more than schizophrenic, floundering between various themes and synergies like, well, a flounder out of water.

It seems that since the last time the Grejoys have gotten anywhere serious competitively (Greg Atknison, 2009 World Joust Champion) the other Great Houses in the game have received much more love, thus making them all more competitively playable. That isn’t to say Greyjoys are not playable. With Refurbished Hulk out, their good Winter synergy and variety of interesting effects they are still a strong force in casual and semi-competitive play but using them in something like the World Championship or the European Tourney doesn’t seem to be viable when there are much stronger options available.

The frustrating thing is that its general consensus that just a few decent cards tying the various GJ themes together or just being Good as stand-alones would really make this house worth its salt-wives again. I’m under no illusions that FFG know this and that said decent cards are coming, while we wait though the easiest way to curb this frustration is to just make fun of it.

Hello, Welcome, make yourself comfortable.

Greetings to all of my as of now non existent readers. Introductions are, generally, the thing I write worst so Im not going to belabor the point any more than I have to. This blog is part of an ambitious network of blogs (blogii?) to create a place where I can work on my projects, receive feedback on them and hopefully entertain you fine Internet dwelling people.

HobbyHydra is my name and the hobbies in question range from Table Top gaming and CCGs to Video Games, Movies and generally whatever happens to catch my magpie like attention at the time of writing. As well as a general humor blog Ill be running several game design projects. One for a card game and one for a table top game at first but more will almost Definitely follow as a direct symptom of my being unable to focus on one thing for too long before needing something fresh and shinny to keep me occupied.

Lastly, as if projects, funnies and general banter wasn’t enough I will also chronicle my own hobby based activities! This can include anything from Lets Plays to reviews to simple deck building or sculpting posts.

Its not often the interwebs is pitched such a rich slice of nerd pie and I sincerely hope I can come through with it and deliver and enjoyable experience for both me and all my readers. Who knows? Perhaps I might even own a real website some day and we can all look back and laugh at how I ran a billion blogs at once!


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